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Charlie Abrams


Recycled Living was founded by climate activist and environmental cinematographer Charlie Abrams. “Growing up in this city, it became increasingly difficult to turn a blind eye to our city’s prevalent social issues. Houselessness and plastic pollution both needed real solutions. After 8 years of working in climate advocacy, I realized I had an opportunity to create an innovative solution to both of these problems”

Byronie McMahon

Board Member

As someone who has had the privilege to always have a roof over my head, helping in aiding the houseless problem in Portland resonated with me. Since fourth grade, the issue of houselessness has been very important to me. I have since strived to do what I can for this community. “Recycled Living was such an amazing opportunity to bring a new solution to houselessness in the Portland community in a unique and impactful way.”

Amy Thompson

Board Member

Recycled Living is built on the concept of intersectionality. This project presents both a solution for plastic pollution and houselessness. Being from Vancouver, Canada, I have seen the impacts of both of these issues. Excess plastic and failure to provide people with adequate housing are two major issues that cities struggle with across the globe. By implementing this solution in Portland, we can build the framework to bring this idea to cities across the globe.

Andrew Core

Board Member

When I learned about this project I knew that this would be an excellent opportunity to tackle both of these issues at once in a creative way. Living in this city, you simply cannot ignore the homeless crisis we have. Thousands of people don’t have places to stay and this correlates directly to the large quantity of litter on our streets. Seeing the tangible difference this project will have on our community will change the lives of everyone in Portland.

Rae Blackbird

Board Member

Activism in a global pandemic has been a completely different realm. It has unmasked and exacerbated many thriving systems of inequity. This project helps change the story of the individuals in our city who have disproportionately felt the impact of the issues that affect us all. A project that decreases plastic pollution while serving the houseless population could not come soon enough.

Patrick Brown

Board Member

Over the past few years, it’s become clear how noticeably flawed our recycling system is. Only 9% of plastic gets recycled, there obviously needs to be a change. Through this project, we can put an end to the traditional life that disposable plastics have. Instead of retiring in a landfill or on our streets, we can utilize this to create real solutions for people living without a house.


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